Product Internet Desa

Priority Programs from Kemendes PDTT guarantee one superior product in every village. BUMDes is established to increase local revenue and create self-sufficient villages. Supported by UU No. 6 of 2014 on Villages and access to information through village information systems developed by district/city government

Village Information System

With the Online Village Information System, it makes the village government can update village data easily and can be accessed easily n quickly by PEMDA and Central Government.

Online Shop

Shop locally, impact globally with our online village marketplace. Discover unique, handcrafted products and support small businesses and rural communities. Connect with traditional culture and quality craftsmanship with every purchase

Village Communication Media

By using the internet, the village government can easily ah spread information to all villagers, like berries important ta, citizen announcements, early warning, new regulations, and other. It also facilitates communication between villages