About Us

PT. Buana Visualnet Sentra, also known as BVSnet, is an Internet-based technology company that specializes in Internet and multimedia services.

As the IT and multimedia industry continues to rapidly evolve, the Internet has become an increasingly important tool in telecommunications and other industries. Recognizing this trend, BVSnet is dedicated to providing integrated network solutions that enhance business efficiency and make it easier for users to access the Internet.

With a vision to embrace the modern age through advanced Internet networks, BVSnet is committed to providing high-quality and fast services to our customers. Trust us to keep your business connected and moving forward.

Our Goals

To provide high-quality

To provide high-quality reliable internet connectivity to households and businesses in a given region

To offer a range of pricing

To offer a range of pricing plans and services that cater to different budget levels and usage habits

To contribute to the development

To contribute to the development of the local community and economy through the provision of internet services